trenton ​park

Albion ​Trail

The Albion Trail extends the Samson Trail from the Duff Cemetery to Bridge Avenue in Stellarton. The trail 
runs through an area which is rich in coal mining history. This beautiful trail is full of nature and historical facts for all newcomers. 

Trenton Park has developed into one of Nova Scotia's finest parks, offering six kilometers of walking and hiking trails winding their way through 565 acres of century-old coniferous trees. Containing a play area and outdoor swimming pool, Trenton Park is also home to many wildlife animals.

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The ​Samson trail

The Pioneer Trail is located on the East side of the East River in down town New Glasgow. This is a 3 kilometer long trail which was named in tribute to those who founded the town and led the development of the trail system and riverfront.

Pioneer ​Trail

The Samson Trail is a fully groomed 4 kilometer trial lit by beautiful antique lampposts on the west wide of town. The trail holds many breath taking views such as a look off area in view of the New Glasgow Riverfront Marina, Carmichael park, Glasgow Square, and many other amazing sights. The Samson Trail extends underneath the George Street bridge of down town New Glasgow and is then continued on as the Johnny Miles Memorial Trail which is another 3 kilometers.