​The Imagine Fit is a great paddle board that is very stable. 

"The Fit is the ultimate fitness and touring machine. The uncluttered standing area allows the Fit to be super-versatile for racing, touring, or recreational use. The plum bow and efficient hull design slice through the water, giving the Fit excellent glide. Full deck EVA pad, front deck bungee, four carry handles and the snap in race fin, all come standard making the Fit a great value package."


We have this amazing board in green and orange! Check out our photo gallery to see some pictures of them in action! These boards are 11' long and also have leg straps and extra paddles to convert into a sit on kayak.

Moxie's Riverside Rentals has two different styles of paddle boards. We have two paddle boards in each style (four total). Stand up paddle boarding is a great activity that engages all of your core muscles and looks really cool! It really is easier than it looks and you have to rent a paddle board to find out!

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The Corran Tahiti and Wakiki are very similar boards except one is 9' long and the other is 11'. These boards are extremely stable and fun to use. This board is one of the straightest paddling boards on the market which makes it easy to control. The 9' board is very light and easy to move/carry. These boards are great for the beach or here on the river!

Corran Tahiti

Imagine Fit

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