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The Escape 9 is a great kayak rental for any family member! It's a very light an agile kayak and is pet friendly! The kayak's sit-on design makes it great for beginners. These kayaks are very easy to manage and are great fun to take to the beach. We have had a few customers take their dogs out on these kayaks. Its arched hull design makes it rather stable for its size and also fairly quick. Kayaking in New Glasgow's east river or kayaking at your cottage or beach is an amazing physical activity that the whole family can enjoy.

Riot Escape 9

Riot Quest 10

Moxie's Riverside Rentals offers multiple different styles of kayaks. Our kayak rentals are the main attraction followed closely by our stand-up paddle board rentals. 

The most popular kayak that we have for rent is the Riot Quest 10. These kayaks are very easy for beginners but also accommodate intermediate paddlers. These rental kayaks are 10' long and are very stable.


With its famous Greenland bow and arched multi-chine hull, the Quest 10 makes paddling effortless and exciting. A wide outline combined with a fine waterline make it stable, yet gives it a lively feel. It will allow you to safely lean on edge and style high and low-brace turns, while its roomy cockpit will let you stretch and enjoy the sun if you simply don’t feel like pushing it anymore.​"

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