Tides ​near you

When the water is at its highest, kayaks can safely pass over obstacles that might otherwise cause problems, such as reefs or sand bars. This is often the best time to be out on the water.

What to look for

Tide ​forecast

Tide forecasts can be found online at:


Weather forecasts can be found online at:


 Reading tide forecasts can be tricky if you are not informed on what you are looking for. When reading them, you are looking for the highest tides and what time they will occur remembering that high tide is the best tide. Looking to the picture on the right, high tides are represented by a black dot at the top of each peak. Each day the high tide is an hour later than the previous day. Low tides are represented by black dots at the bottom of each peak and indicate shallow water. 

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how to ​read a tide chart

Tides are the alternate rising and falling of sea levels which normally occur twice in each lunar day at a particular place, due to the attraction of the moon and sun.